Sombrero Time is Now My Spanish Journey

Your Child's Spanish Journey Begins Here!

Learning a new language is an exciting adventure. My Spanish Journey is here to help your child discover the magic of the Spanish language through a fun, immersive environment and trusted curriculum.

It All Started With a Sombrero

Originally called Sombrero Time, our story simply started with a desire to create Spanish classes that were both fun and effective. CEO and Co-founder Ruth Finsthwait used her training as a bilingual language teacher and her personal experience with immersion learning and did just that. She gathered her children and others from the neighborhood in her garage to teach them Spanish in a way she knew would work—anytime she wore her sombrero, they would only speak Spanish. Language immersion is that simple! The lessons worked and, most importantly, everyone enjoyed learning and children were speaking Spanish!

Immersed in a World-Class Curriculum

Why did we change our name? Since those successful lessons in Ruth’s garage, our program has grown to serve students across the country. We are trusted by schools, teachers and tutors because our curriculum has been developed and tested since 2006 by the best native-speaking instructors out there.

With a commitment to making functional Spanish speaking lessons accessible to even more children starting at a young age, we moved our entire program online—all without losing our heart for a highly engaging environment that gets results. And it felt like the perfect time for our name to grow with us.

New Name, Same Commitment

“My Spanish Journey” captures what we strive to do: take students of all ages on an immersive journey to learn and love the language. After successfully transitioning to online classes in 2020, our families experienced added flexibility that increased their frequency and consistency—the key to making a new language stick. No matter your location or your schedule, you can now bring fun, engaging Spanish classes into your home.

Let the Numbers Speak


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Learn more about My Spanish Journey and see your child’s language skills soar.

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