Online Group Spanish Classes For TK-12 Students

Learn Spanish from the safety and comfort of your home with a certified instructor you can trust. 

Online Group Spanish Classes

Your child will enjoy:


Engaged language learning

Small groups promote fun and peer collaboration and engagement. Hear your child start speaking Spanish on day 1!


Expert Spanish instructors

My Spanish Journey instructors are native Spanish speakers, certified in immersive methods to deliver results fast.


Structured curriculum

Students work towards fluency in speaking, reading, and writing being appropriately challenged through our unique 6 level progression.

Why My Spanish Journey Group Classes Work


In Spanish - Our small group format enables teachers to focus on individual student needs to get them speaking Spanish quickly.


Specific language skills your student will learn each year they participate in our group classes. This includes grammar, vocabulary, conversational practice, reading and writing skills, and cultural awareness.


Students - Your child can join thousands of successful Spanish speaking students.

Class Options

Something for Every Age and Stage

For Ages 2-4.5 Mommy & Me

For Ages 4-13 Spanish 1-5

For Jr. High School and High School High School

For Ages 2-4.5

Mommy & Me

Have fun with your toddler and learn Spanish at the same time!

Mommy & Me Spanish is the perfect opportunity to expose your toddler to a second language at the height of the “language learning window.”

Parents get into action with their child and engage learning Spanish as well! It’s truly a family experience! Our teachers will lead you in a special language learning experience using visual, auditory and tactile Spanish learning activities together with the My Spanish Journey immersive teaching method (teaching Spanish in Spanish, without translation).

  • For ages 2-4.5
  • 2 30-minute classes/week
  • $99/mo
For Ages 4-12

Spanish 1-5

Spanish classes for beginners, intermediate, or experienced speakers starting from Kinder through Jr. High School. 

Using immersion (speaking Spanish in Spanish) and our structured leveled curriculum your child will learn how to speak, read, and write as they move forward in their language learning journey. We make it easy to choose the most appropriate leveled class to challenge your child and help them become a Spanish speaker, guarenteed!

For Jr. High School and High School

High School

High School Spanish 1 and 2

These full year immersion Spanish courses introduce students to the culture and history of the Spanish language while actively developing students’ ability to comprehend, speak, read, and write in Spanish. 

Each class begins with an opening conversational activity, proceeds to vocabulary development, grammar instruction, a reading activity, and targeted pronunciation practice.  Students complete interactive group activities focusing on speaking skills, reading comprehension, and writing tasks.

  • For Jr. High School and High School
  • 4, 30-minute classes/week
  • $149/mo
Free Assessment

Not sure which level your student should take?


Have questions? - Get answers!

$99/mo for 2 day per week classes

$149/mo for 4 day per week classes

30 power packed minutes!

  • Our teachers are experts at using immersion instruction to maximize your time.

Siblings are welcome to join the same class under 1 tuition.

  • Note – Some students may not effectively work together or need differing levels of Spanish.  In these cases we suggest you schedule separate classes. Your teacher can help you with this.

One level of Spanish will be taught in each class.


Please book separate classes for each level of student.

  • If you have beginner, intermediate or advanced students, your My Spanish Journey certified teacher will recommend you consider separate sessions for each student.
  • In order to be effective in each session we do not instruct more than one level.


  • My Spanish Journey has a published and tested a 6 level Spanish curriculum that ranges from grades PreK-12.
  • Each level builds into the next helping students develop speaking, reading and writing language skill.
  • Of course! – Instructors are available via Remind to answer any questions you may have.

Don't take our word for it. Take theirs.


Risk Free Money Back Guarantee

Try a class for 1 week and if you don't think we are a good fit for your child, we'll give you a 100% refund.

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