Immersive Curriculum

We developed a curriculum uniquely designed for age-specific, immersive language learning.

the four pillars

Our Curriculum’s Four Pillars

Our curriculum for elementary, middle, and high school Spanish is built to help your child experience success. Here are the core features you can count on:

  1. Immersion-based: Supports instruction of Spanish in Spanish.
  2. Age-appropriate: Standards-based and aligned to grade-level learning objectives.
  3. Promote functionality: Six levels systematically teach students to read, write and speak, leading to bilingualism.
  4. Results-driven: Integrated assessments provide benchmarks for tracking student progress and goals.

Levels 1 & 2: Early Elementary Grades

The most effective way to teach Spanish is by staying in Spanish. Primary grade students are developmentally predisposed to learn new languages. Levels 1 & 2 focus on the basics of Spanish. Concrete vocabulary of the house and the community are used to develop simple conversational skills that acclimate students to the immersive setting and build a foundation for future learning. Students will also learn the basics of reading and writing in Spanish.

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Levels 3 & 4: Mid-Elementary Grades

Designed for the middle elementary grades, students continue to develop their Spanish by expanding the community conversation to the city. The conversation grows to include various Spanish speaking countries through fun weekly readings. Students broaden their vocabulary while being introduced to present and past verb tenses.

Levels 5: Late Elementary & Junior High

In the later elementary and junior high grades, the My Spanish Journey curriculum takes students from the city out into the world. Students learn about the various cultures and global topics which include time zones, weather patterns, monetary systems, and geography, as well as cultural topics of gestures, greetings and customs. They practice speaking and writing in the past, present and future verb tenses as they continue to develop language skills, and work toward true bilingualism.


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